Collaba – Integrated collaboration and communication platform

Collaba is a Integrated collaboration and communication platform that helps you to develop your community’s collaboration and communication skills. It include various useful tools such as e-mail, calendaring, forums, multimedia chat, blogs, wiki, files and documents, assignments, portfolio, bookmarks, content syndication, podcasting, web publishing, single sign-on, and much more.

The platform provide support for all major web browsers, mail and news clients, content syndication clients, contact and time management applications, file transfer clients (including WebDAV), and more. Collaba is a different kind of collaboration and communication platform which offer all of its features into a single self-contained Java server application.

You will never need to install a separate web, mail or database server to support Collaba platform; everything is built-in and ready to go! As a web portal server, Collaba thrives at single sign-on. It can interconnect with virtually limitless web-based services and applications, and can usually do so in a very transparent and user-friendly way.

Features of Collaba

  1. Integrated feature-rich E-mail system : Every user has a personal mailbox for sending and receiving local or internet messages. Since mailboxes are stored on the server, users can easily access their mail from anywhere anytime. Mailboxes are accessible through Collaba’s web portal, or using any mail desktop application (SMTP/POP3).
  2. Integrated Personal, group & resource calendars : Collaba users get a personal calendar where they can schedule events and tasks for themselves. The event scheduler provides all the necessary features, including conflict detection, file attachments, geo-location, notifications, and more.
  3. Files & Documents : Store, share and manage files and documents easily and centrally through Collaba. A personal space can be provided to each user for storing files and documents.
  4. Assignment : It have Virtual File System for educational organizations is called AssignmentFlow.
  5. Blogging
  6. Real-time chat service between Co-workers or User
  7. Forums and News : Forums are asynchronous collaboration environments. Access can be either public or private, or customized through a flexible permissions system.
  8. Bookmarking : Collaba features a powerful collaborative bookmarking tool. Users can store and organize personal bookmarks which can then be accessed from any computer.
  9. Web Publishing : Collaba is a fully-featured web server. As so, it can publish personal web sites, group web sites and general (public) web sites. Collaba can control who has access to specific sites or parts of sites.Even user can edit any web pages with Collaba’s built-in WYSIWYG (visual) web page editor.
  10. Wiki : it offer a Wiki module. Much like Wikipedia.

Limitation : 30 Days trial version of Collaba.

Download : Collaba – collaboration and communication platform