Entri- Simple Collaborative Document Sharing Tool

Entri is a free collaborative tool to create and share documents online. Whether you are writing for a blog or writing a book you can share it using Entri and get feedbacks before actually publishing it. You can take into account the feedbacks you receive and modify tour piece in order to enhance its acceptability to readers.

It has simple features that let you share the unpublished versions of your articles or piece in an effortless manner. The unique functionalities of Entri allow you to collaborate with potential readers and get their comments. This has added to the popularity to this software.

You can create rough drafts of your article or story. Then you will have to invite your family and friends to join Entri. You can manage the privacy options of your creations. They can be tagged as private or public and also share different pieces with different groups of people.

This lets only a selected group of people to view a certain document. Entri also allows haring of thoughts through the microblogging site Twitter. Through Twitter you can reach out to your readers easily. Entri come free of cost. Since it does not require any investment it seems attractive to part-time writers.

Features of Entri

  1. Entri does not need to be downloaded or installed. It does not slow your computer or eat up your diskspace. You can access Entri from anywhere provides you have an internet connection and a browser.
  2. Entri is easy to start working with. You do not need to create an account with Entri. You do not need to login multiple times whenever you want to use Entri. This saves a lot of your precious time.
  3. Entri has an attractive and handy user interface which makes it easy for anyone to use Entri. It is not cluttered up with various functions. The right features are easy to find and access.
  4. You can get feedbacks on the rough drafts of articles that you have created.
  5. Entri collaborates with Twitter and allows you to receive feedbacks via Twitter.
  6. It is a simple software and you do no have to deal with any complicated instructions while using it.
  7. To share your document you just need to click on the “Get HTML” button to copy and paste the HTML on the desired location.
  8. Entri is developing an efficient API that will allow you to integrate blogging engines with Entri. Some of the blogging engines that will be supported by Entri are WordPress and Expression engine. This will let you flip between entries made in the past easily.
  9. Entri is also bringing up a new text editor with multiple formatting and customization options.

Entri is the perfect software for extracting feedbacks for your articles that are yet to be published. Ultimately it helps you review them and also publish better quality work

Download : Entri- free collaborative tool to create and share document