Lujure – Facebook fan page builder

Lujure is a simple Facebook fan page builder that gives you a simple drag and drop user interface where users can create custom fan page tabs without coding anything.

With Lujure, User can add their RSS, Twitter and Tumblr feeds, stream a YouTube video, add a slideshow, images, and plain text field or even easily upload maps, music, flash elements, and create custom contact forms in your Facebook fan page.

It has widget oriented Facebook templates so you can easily customize Facebook layouts with variable column widths and image placements. currently, Lujure offers 6 unique fan page tab template designs.

Features of Lujure Facebook fan page builder

  1. It offers a reveal-page template where you can upload two sets of content – one for the general user and another one for the Facebook fan following.
  2. Easy to add additional widgets to your tab, such as a hotspot, hyperlink for your uploaded image.
  3. Easy to edit, delete your tab within the user interface once you have published it your Tab.
  4. Free registration
  5. A drag and drop user interface gives you total control over page design.
  6. Easy to add HTML Elements to your Facebook Fan Page.
  7. Use your own External images, Lujure don’t have their own Clip art image library.
  8. Easy to use and simple to understand
  9. Help and support
  10. Do-it-yourself Facebook fan page creation tool
  11. Access to more than 30 Apps and Widgets
  12. See a live preview of your tab as you build it (WYSIWYG)
  13. Fan Gating
  14. E-commerce solution
  15. Create Unlimited Tab
  16. Unlimited Fan following limit
  17. No programming skills needed
  18. cross-platform compatible

Download: Lujure facebook page builder

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