Create unique photo collage with Diptic

Diptic is a small desktop application for Mac that helps you to create beautiful photo collages by combining multiple photos and apply artistic effects.

User can easily share their photo collages with friends and families. Diptic offer more then 56 different customizable layouts and rounded borders, ever there are unlimited options to create unique images.

Features of Diptic for Mac

  1. Fully customizable and adjustable layouts.
  2. Share photos via email, or upload directly to Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr, etc.
  3. Each Layout combines up to 6 photos to create a photo collage.
  4. Rounded Borders
  5. Support for Multi-Touch gestures. The user interface reacts to gestures with your Magic Mouse or Trackpad.
  6. Full-Screen support
  7. Save your Projects into a new .dptc file format.
  8. Adjust border color and width, make them rounded with a slider that lets you control the curvature.
  9. Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and color saturation for each image or for all images together.
  10. Drag and drop pictures into frames, and swap photos between frames.
  11. Easy to export HD (Higher resolutions) images with PNG or JPG options
  12. Adjustable Canvas Size to get a square, portrait, or landscape image with aspect Ratio Slider.
  13. Undo + Versions! – Diptic tracks your changes so you can view your previous versions of your creation.
  14. Easily import photos from iPhoto and Aperture. use your Media section of the open dialog to browse your iPhoto and Aperture albums to add to your diptic dashboard.

Download: Diptic