Curio Core – Mind Mapping, Brainstorming and Project Management Software for Mac

Curio Core is a digital notebook for Mac that allow information gathering, brainstorming and creative exploration. basically It’s an app that can be used for taking notes but that is not the only purpose for which it is used.

It is neither an outline or doesn’t it perform the task of data organization. It is the different type of app that performs all sorts of tasks ranging from note-taking to sketching to brainstorming to productivity and planning to outlining.

Endless number of notes can be taken by you through the use of Curio and along with that task management, making photo collages, sketch with pens & brushes, beautiful creation of styled lists, tables, mind maps and index cards can all be done through the explicit use of Curio.

The environment provided by Curio for its work is pretty intuitive and amazing to work in.

Features of Curio

  1. It contain text, Images and PDF’s, Audio and video, Web links, Web Archives, and live Web Views, Embedded or aliased files, Mind maps, Lists, hierarchical outlines, and to-do lists, Index Cards and Tables
  2. Advanced Searching and meta data
  3. Notepaper, grid, and beautifully textured idea space styles
  4. Stunning list, mind map, index card, and table styles
  5. Easy to create your own styles
  6. Easy to Drag anything including text, images, documents, and browser content, CSV files to create Tables, Also easy to add OPML or MMAP files to create lists or mind maps.
  7. Easy to Export output in various format such as PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, iPhoto, HTML, Tables to CSV, Lists and Maps to OPML or MMAP, Also easy to export directly to MobileMe as HTML.

Curio is an app that is of great use. Now the target of Zengobi is pretty clear regarding his desire to target the workers who are creative so that they can work on Curio,

since it is really difficult for the free minded people and thinkers to work in a very congested and constricted area that involves the organization of their data.

The Idea Space is the place where everything should go is the only mandatory structure followed in Curio. The only negative aspect of Curio is that it is “Jack of all trades and Master of none”.

Download : Curio