DasBlog – Databaseless blogging platform based ASP.NET

DasBlog is an ASP.net based blogging platform written in C# and run on ASP.net 2.0 framework. it’s a databaseless blogging platform that doesn’t require any database to store your data, so it is easier to get setup and cheaper to host.

All your data stored in flat files and required special permission to access the files so that dasBlog can save your information as XML. dasBlog is an evolution of the BlogX weblog engine initially written by Chris Anderson and their contributors and has lot of useful additional features such as Trackback, Pingback, Mail notifications, rich templating engine and easy to develop macros.

it also support for multi-languages, extensibility model and is easily skinned and themed.

Download : dasBlog – databaseless blogging platform
Website : dasblog Homepage