DeskPRO- Web and Email Helpdesk Software

DeskPRO is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is a package of various other different software’s that allows you to manage your customer as well as staff more efficiently. With this software interface you can avoid the fuss of installing multiple software’s which are used to achieve the same goal.

It is a combination of applications enabled with special features that speeds up business management. DeskPRO is equipped with a number of astounding features that allows you to maximize cost of management while increasing your productivity many folds. It is a fully customizable platform and thus it allows you to manage as you want it to be. DeskPRO offers you with an extremely user friendly interface which you can access from anywhere through the Internet. DeskPRO has a unique “Tickets” section that is open to your clients where they can submit question for your skilled operators to answer. This assures better response from your firm.

Your website will be speedy with less response time with its unique characteristics notification in emails, RSS feed and upgraded search settings. You can create a community and work simultaneously as DeskPRO offers the facility of community center, where you can engage in group discussions, or person to person communication. It has also integrated analytics which keeps an account of your jobs.

DeskPRO is customizable and thus suits any kind of business. You can customize the software as per you requirements. This allows you to set up in the lines of your business. It enhances your productivity by decreasing the time of processing of questions of your clients. You are notified about the tickets of your clients even if you are not logged in, through your email as DeskPRO can be integrated with your email inbox. It is easily navigable with common interface elements.

Features of DeskPRO

DeskPRO has an extensive embedded feature that assures better functionality. These features are-

  1. Integrated with “Live Chat” plug-in by the use of which you can engage in one on one conversation and share your views regarding a certain issue with the members of your community.
  2. You can create and publish a document or statements that can be viewed online and can be downloaded by offline clients.
  3. It has the “Desktop Notifier” plug-in which when installed notifies your technicians when a new ticket is issued by your clients.
  4. It is integrated with an information archive such that your clients’ issues are addressed without requiring them to send any tickets. It also contains trouble shooting articles to answer their questions.
  5. It has a customizable privacy control. This means that if you want to simplify registering then you configure the system such that account creation is automatic. But if you want it to be stricter you can opt for forced registration.
  6. It is equipped with valuable analytics such as pie charts and bar that allows better documentation.
  7. It has a well explained report which provides you with an overview of you and you team’s performance. Whether the issues of your clients are addressed adequately.

With a large number of features DeskPRO provides an amazing user interface. This guarantees low cost of management and increases productivity.

Download : DeskPRO – email helpdesk software