doTemplate – Free online web templates generator

Are you looking out a perfect template for your new webpage? If its so, then you need to check out doTemplate to help you out. doTemplate is a website which offers you templates service for your effective use. You get varied template features of any kind you want in this site.

Templates matching you requirements for your website can be found in doTemplate. When you think of creating your website and web pages for your domain, you can easily get your template or the theme template background from doTemplate. This feature helps you to get the best template design you want for your website. You can get any template on the site and customize it accordingly the way you want.

You can make the available template according to our choice changing the font, color and the other features of the template. After customizing, you will get the template in your computer by just downloading it from the site. You can then use the template in your webpage the way you want it to be. doTemplate helps you to design your website pages with the availability of different web template designs in the site.

With the help of doTemplate you can create flash websites and templates and incorporate them in your website. You can arrange the different features of the templates and insert text and other changes you want in the template. doTemplate offers you many opportunities to get the perfect look to your website without having any difficulty. With many different features to look out for, doTemplate is a good software program making web designing and development an easier task.

Features of doTemplate

  1. Free -  the templates provided by doTemplate are free. You do not need to spend any penny over it. With the different templates available, you can get them by just downloading them from the without anything to worry about.
  2. XHTML/CSS templates – the templates doTemplate offers are good and have efficient CSS and XHTML standards. With this feature you can easily customize and develop the templates to add it in your website. The templates offered are lightweight, and have good designing capability.
  3. Absence of Software – you do not need additional software or plug-in to install these templates in your computer. You also don’t need any additional Photoshop or Flash Fireworks software to develop images or template designs as in doTemplate you can do it all online.
  4. Color/Font Choose – you can choose the color and the font you want to with this feature. With Photoshop feature online for customizing the templates, you can easily customize the font or the color as per you require.
  5. Personalization – you can personalize every aspect of the template the way you want it. from the slogan to the color scheme, you can customize it the way you want it to be. You can also insert your own banner image to give your website your personal touch. When you do this, you get the personal developed website showcasing you personality and your creativity in it.

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