Download All Instagram Photos with Instagram Downloader

Instagram is free photo-sharing apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to capture photos, apply beautiful digital filters on it, and instantly share it on all major social networking sites.

If you’re a big fan of Instagram and want an easy way to download batches of photos on your desktop, Instagram Downloader is your option for you.

Instagram Downloader is a Tiny window application from iWesoft which lets you download any Instagram photos from the Instagram server to your desktop easily and quickly.

just enter the Instagram user name and press button OK, After that, it will show you the lists all the photos uploaded by the selected user.

Now you can select which photos you want to download and tick mark them for download or you can download a complete folder of All the photos uploaded by the selected users.

it also gives you a preview option, where users can view the photos in the browser before downloading them. Each photo has its own unique link for preview near to download button.

Instagram Downloader makes the process of downloading multiple pictures easily yet quickly than downloading them one-by-one.

Although the name is a bit confusing since it isn’t actually a photo downloader but a URL downloader. You can copy and paste each URL into your download manager and download all these photos.

Features of Instagram Downloader

  1. Batch Download Instagram Photos easily and quickly.
  2. Export All photos URL to a text file.
  3. No Adware/Spyware/Virus guarantee
  4. Simple yet easy to use user interface
  5. Win7 Integration
  6. Download All your photos to the folder you specified