Dplayer – HTML5 video player

Dplayer is a pure JavaScript driven HTML5 video player that allow you to easily embed videos in any web sites using the newest web standards. It mainly uses HTML, CSS and JS while Flash is used only whenever there is no native H.264 support available. In such cases a minimalistic SWF which mimics an HTML5 video element as good as necessary is used. No browser plugin or Flash dependencies are required. You can directly jump anywhere in the video without waiting while buffering.

Features of Dplayer

  1. Free & Open Source project
  2. support for ogg (theora/vorbis), mp4/mov (H.264) file format
  3. Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  4. Standalone pure JavaScript library
  5. 100% skinnable using CSS
  6. Easy to use and easy to understand & extend
  7. Consistent look between browsers
  8. Full screen Window Mode
  9. Volume Control
  10. Fallback to Flash Player only whenever there is no native H.264 support available

Download : Dplayer – HTML5 video player