DynPage – CKeditor based content management system

DynPage is a CKeditor based open source content management system that allow you to edit Websites online and make pieces of contents editable with a comfortable editor.

The integration of content into the HTML pages can be done with Ajax/JavaScript or PHP – so User can also handle cross domain sites. DynPage is written in PHP and does not require any MySQL database. YES, it’s a databaseless CMS. It’s easy to install and configure.

DynPage is an free/open source project release under GNU General Public License; it means developer can redistribute it and/or modify it to suite there requirement.

Features of DynPage

  1. Newest CKeditor 3.0
  2. File browser CKFinder
  3. Easy to customize – Developer can easily set own editor styles
  4. Integrate with Ajax/JavaScript or PHP
  5. support PHP (4 or higher).
  6. Easy to set the permissions with your FTP program (CHMOD).

Download : DynPage CMS