Edtek services – Online Education Software and E-learning platform

EdTek is an affordable and easy to use online education software and e-learning platform. The service is available with 24×7 helpdesk support and administrative support services. Education is for all, despite being from any economic background.

With this motto, EdTek started its e-learning services for smaller educational institutions. At EdTek, education collaborates with technology to provide world-class educational services within everyone’s reach. The main idea of this platform is to collaborate with minor education providers to provide them acceleration in their academic programs.

This would let it to adding appendage to all classroom-based curriculum that can provide in-depth knowledge to the students and help in the development of rich and engaging knowledge tools. Even online distance education programs can also be created using Edtek services. With more than a decade’s experience and continuous research has resulted in developing out-of-the-box services or the education sector.

The future of education is undoubtedly e-learning and still with the starting phase, Edtek services are available with advanced and intuitive e-learning tools that cater to number of educational institutions. Edtek services helps their education partners by offering easy access to the premier e-learning platforms and other support services available nowadays at a competitive price.

In spite of the advancements made with online learning techniques and services, here are problems and errors that have to be fixed. Unlike other e-learning platforms, Edtek services has a team of experienced e-learning consultants who can help the user to set up an e-learning program in his or her institution. Edtek services have hands-on experience in various domains, like, small career schools, non-profit organizations, colleges, K12 schools, universities and small to medium size enterprises.

EdTek understands the problem of the lack of resources with small educational institutions, and so, it tries to maintain full-functionality and usability of every tool helping in supplementing education. Most of the educational institutions at EdTek Services came from small organizations. EdTek has collaborated with other leading online learning and education industry pioneers to offer 24×7 helpdesk and administrative service. It is based on turn-key approach for distance learning systems and support.

Features of Edtek services

  1. E-learning within range- EdTek services has developed various intuitive e-learning tools to cater the needs of small and medium scale educational institutions. Needless to say. EdTek is available within a very nominal cost and the setup,too, is quite easy.
  2. Developed with a decade’s research-the application is developed with a decade’s research, and thus, insures usability with less errors or problems.
  3. Virtual classroom-the next level of classroom is virtual classroom. one can easily get in touch with his or her classmates with just a click of button.
  4. Plenty of features and tools- EdTek is loaded with many tools and features. From hosting hardware to campus portals, EdTek has plenty of features that give the user an ease to work with.
  5. EdTek’s e-learning consultants- EdTek has a team of well experienced consultants who help in setting up the program in the user’s educational institution.

EdTek takes education to new heights by collaborating it with technology. The program is a very useful tool when it comes to e-learning advancement and development.

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