Effusia Business Messenger – Real time instant Messaging for Business

Instant messaging to customers in a satisfied and reliable way is quite a challenge. Effusia is such an instant business messenger that offers operational instant message facilities to a wide range of business models.

It basically helps you run your association in an improved and protected manner. There are 3 primary parts that rolls on the Effusia, the server, console and the application for management.

The server that has been used for Effusia is capable of managing huge burden and that to without much resource marks.

The Effusia consoler gives you access to all possible business requirement from instant messaging to file shifting.

The managerial system used by the server is sufficiently powerful to provide you with dependable instant messaging, reporting and also auditing and also performs well in a safe manner as a grouping manager. The installation methods are very easy to follow.

Features of Effusia

The Effusia is a web based software application that will enable you to simplify your working procedure and it offers some sophisticated features that are very useful. These features are:

  1. Installing Effusia is very easy and you can first download a trial pack and use it. Hence the operational time gets condensed all the more. All you have to do is follow instructions by the installation wizard after you download the trial. The instant messaging services are meant to be designed specially with strong technical back up and minimum maintenance requirements.
  2. It helps you to establish and continue with your business clientele without having to waste time and money. You can get in touch with them at any time you want. You can get updates regarding the availability of your team mates and business clients. This helps you increase your work productivity.
  3. Effusia provides you with a very safe networking system by which you can communicate in every possible way be it texting to your satellite branches or even getting in contact with your employees located in a distant area. With 128-bit SSL encrypted within the system you can message instantly without having to worry about getting virus infected or spammed irrespective of the medium you choose to message through. So, the system is very suitable for you.
  4. The business messenger in Effusia has a very effective auditing as well as reporting device. This makes your work much easier compared to manual or typed versions. These tools make your search for information or documents comparatively faster and more accurate.
  5. centralised administration
  6. It enables you to select the people and arrange a group to work on your official projects. The contact details are accumulated automatically from every group you make. These contacts are then generated in a single list for your convenience. You have the opportunity to contact a colleague instantly if you are in need of some urgent detail or discussion regarding your work.
  7. With its user friendly administrative software it becomes rather simple to manage and organize groups.

So, getting yourself effusia might be profitable for you.

Download : Effusia Business Messenger