Create rich media presentation online with Empressr

Presentations is a integral part of the professional world. To secure clients or to get good jobs or to create an impression in the company and for several other reasons you need to prepare a good presentation.

Not only creating presentation is enough; you also need to have a good sharing tool so that you can deliver your presentations at perfect timing no matter where ever you stay.

Empressr is one such media presentation tool that not only lets you create top notch presentation but also allow you to store and share all your important presentations.

Forget about the age old simple slide presentations with the same old image embedding or slide transition effects, the Empressr will allow you to incorporate animations, HD videos and many more media features that will make your presentation of superior class and quality.

As it is a web based app, you can create your presentation and can share it with any of your contacts in the web.

The tools that are incorporated in the Empressr would provide you with the complete ability of embedding any sort of pictures, audio, video in ultra quick time and easiness.

If the video which you might like to embed in your slide is of extreme length, you can edit the video and take the part that you require with the video editing tool that is present in Empressr.

The web based advantage would give you the opportunity of accessing all your important slide presentation from anywhere on the globe via an internet connection.

If you have created a presentation earlier in the PowerPoint format , you will have the complete power of uploading it on the Empessr platform and thereafter edit the presentation in the all modern tools.

The Empressr has its own community that enables different users to submit their creations that might act as a reference presentation to others. Two different privacy options are given to the users via public and private.

You will have your own media library where you can maintain all your important presentations and one more effective feature of the Empressr is you can check the popularity of your presentation via the Google Analytics.

Quick and easy charts and graphs can be created by importing the significant data from your spreadsheets or any other locations. The looks of the Empressr webpage is another feature that attracts many of the users.

Even the created presentations can be shared on the social networking platform.

Features of Empressr

  1. Easy incorporation of effective media files in your presentations.
  2. Business charts can be created in quicktime with the features of embedding graphs and charts.
  3. Expressr has a library of over 100 images and countless modern variants of fonts too.
  4. The frequently followed or used presentations can be stored in the library.
  5. Easy and perceptive GUI.
  6. Access all your important presentations from any part of the world.

With such an array of effective features, Empressr is sure to provide effective solutions to all of its users.

Download : Empressr