Epesi business information manager

Epesi is a Business information management suite that included open source CRM and PHP framework to develop dynamic web applications.

it is specially designed to organize, store, share information and link any information between two or more people within a single organization or business.

The design of Epesi is modular with the facility of easy customization and modification as per the required workflow or processes needed by you. Using the framework of Epesi it was created long time back through the use of a large collection of modules and libraries that enable a pretty fast module development.

You can easily access any information based on your need from anywhere and at anytime. This is indeed a pretty new approach that is really very unique and it effectively helps in gathering data from a single place that is organized, secured and prioritized as the way you demand.

Epesi BIM is short form of Business Information Manager. Earlier CRM (Customer Relationship Management) failed to provide that much functionalities and so in its place if Epesi business information manager is used it would prove much effective.

It helps in easy management of customer data and it also checks the internal business records like inventory, employees, etc. The design of Epesi business information manager is modular.

There are several modules that provide a very basic and low-level function like the user authentication (login), data entry verification database connectivity, managing sessions, etc.

The modules can be thought of as the basic building blocks – with which you can easily stack them – one above the other that allows you to create a variety of shapes.

With the PHP framework of Epesi business information manager you can easily include certain modules for creating web applications that has different functionalities – SFA, CRM, SCM or ERP.

Epesi business information manager is totally Epesi PHP framework based. Both the Epesi business information manager and framework application are completely free and fully open source. This enables you to easily download and install it directly on your server which is absolutely free.

Features of Epesi BIM

  1. Several notes can be accommodated within a single record and it may also contain several files as well.
  2. You can easily track the duration of time that has been spent on the login/logout activity with that very application.
  3. The database stores all the data nothing is deleted – the administrator can retrieve all the records that have been already deleted.
  4. The record that is created always shows the stored date, time and the name of the user who has created it.
  5. Each and every record that has is modified is found in the record history – with this feature you can see who has changed what and when.
  6. Localization – multiple time zones are well supported here.
  7. Multilanguage – UTF-8 support

Thus, this is really a very powerful application that is completely free and is web-based. It is a must try app.

Download : epesi Business information manager