17 Brand new Facebook Timeline profile themes and Skins

Recently Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the Brand new user interface for Facebook profiles which know as Facebook “TimeLine”.

Timeline is wider than the old Facebook profile and includes a lot more visual graphics compare to the old Facebook Profile.

But if you want to more personalize your own Facebook Timeline profile then here is 17 useful creative Facebook theme for the Facebook user to enhance their Facebook Timeline profile.

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  1. The dark gold shiny theme for Facebook timeline profile

    Dark gold Shiny theme for Facebook timeline profile user. Author: “DaedalusIcarusHelios” User can change theme wallpaper by using theme wallpaper Options.

  2. The dark gray transparent Facebook theme for timeline User

    Author : DaedalusIcarusHelios. Users can change wallpaper with theme Options.

  3. Dark Shiny Pink Static Facebook timeline profile theme

  4. Dark Shiny pink Transparency theme for Facebook timeline

  5. Dark shiny plum stripe Facebook Timeline theme

  6. the shiny purple transparent theme for Facebook timeline

  7. Dark Gray Static, transparency Facebook Timeline profile themes

  8. Dark orange shiny Facebook timeline profile Skin

    Author : DaedalusIcarusHelios.

  9. Dark Shiny Red timeline Theme for Facebook

    Author : DaedalusIcarusHelios.

  10. Skies of Orion Facebook timeline theme

  11. Dark Yellow transparent Facebook timeline theme

  12. Deus Ex – Human Revolution theme for Facebook timeline profile

  13. Dark Shiny blue Transparency Facebook timeline Skin/Theme

  14. Dark teal shiny timeline profile theme for Facebook

  15. Facebook timeline theme -“Dark Shiny Green Transparency”

  16. Dark Shiny Green Galaxy theme for Facebook timeline

  17. Dark Shiny Blue, transparency Facebook Timeline theme

    Here is a dark shine blue color transparency theme for Facebook timeline profile users. The theme is designed by author “DaedalusIcarusHelios” and is available for all major web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

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