Findster Home Smart GPS Pet Tracker

Findster home is a one of the best GPS pet tracker without monthly fees. It is a real-time pet locator and a pet fitness & activity tracker that rewards you for keeping your furry friend healthy.

The only tracking device for pets to allow true real-time GPS tracking and a pet activity monitor for your dog or cat, Findster Duo is the ideal solution for extra safety during walks – and the best in class of wearable technology for pets.

A tiny and smart GPS finder for dogs and cats with a waterproof design, it requires no cell coverage and works in the US and in every other country – even if you’re completely off-grid.

And unlike other GPS pet locators, Findster Duo+ allows you to track more than one pet without any subscriptions. Findster home work with 2 modules, one for your furry friend and another for you.

By using MAZE communication technology, Findster Duo+ allows the Pet Module and the Base station to communicate wirelessly in a range of up to 6 miles (~10 km) without requiring a cellular connection to send the GPS coordinates.

The data is then sent to the cloud via your home Wi-Fi, and you can access it anywhere with your phone’s own 4G connection. Therefore, Findster is free from mobile network carriers. No carrier = No contract = No monthly fees!

However, this will depend on your surroundings – key factors like the physical environment or the weather may influence the modules’ connection and GPS accuracy.   The Pet Modules are lightweight, sturdy and waterproof. They’re rechargeable via USB (the charger is included in each kit), and can be securely attached to any collar using the included strap attachment mechanism.

Findster Home continuously tracks your pets’ location using the most precise GPS technology. Their position is accurately displayed in real-time on the map, which you and your loved ones can access at any time and anywhere via the Findster App.

But how can you know if your pet is safe and sound without constantly checking their location? That’s easy: by creating a virtual fence around your home! These are entirely customizable, so you can define them as you see fit: if you live in the suburbs and your cat is welcome to visit the neighbors’ yards, you can define a larger virtual fence and be notified if he leaves the neighborhood instead.

When a pet escapes or is otherwise missing, time is of the essence. Whenever a fence is breached, you’ll receive an immediate alert on your phone – via text message and the Findster App – so you can act swiftly and bring your four-legged friends back to safety. Other family members will be simultaneously warned, so whoever’s closest can jump into action.

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