Flair Builder – Simple prototyping tool to create interactive wireframes & prototypes

Flair Builder is an excellent tool to prototype websites and rich internet applications. It works across multiple platforms. This software has simple features which do not require you to go through intricate sets of instructions. Flair Builder helps you to create interactive wire frames and prototypes in a quick and efficient manner. Flair Builder has been adopted by many reputed groups because of its effective features.

The wireframes for a website as well as iPhone applications can be designed using the simple wireframes building tools of Flair Builder. There are multiple widgets by default that help you speed up your work. It has interactive tools to build prototypes. Simple actions like pop-ups, move and resize options, show/hide components etc. make your job easier.

You can also consistently share your projects with your clients and seek their feedbacks. The Flair Builder interface has a user-friendly look so that you can locate all the options quickly and start working. The toolbars, menu, palette, context menu and some keyboard shortcuts make life easier for you. This software focuses on drag and drop features to makes things simple and fast.

There is a large central space for you to keep track of your work constantly and preview option quickly view your prototype from where you are working. You can download the free version of the software and try it for 15 days. There are 2 paid plans- one is a monthly plan costing you $24, the other is a $99 plan for life. There are discounts for bulk purchase.

Features of Flair Builder

  1. Flair Builder has to be downloaded on your computer. It wide array of features provides true value for money.
  2. You can work on a project of any volume using this software. You can set the structure of your project using the folder and sub-folder option. Master pages help you to deal with complex set of tools more effectively. It reduces content repetition and they are updated automatically.
  3. Flair Builder has real widgets which help you in better application testing and obtaining feedback from your customers. You can customize your flair window workspace and arrange the widgets according to your choice.
  4. When you design the wireframes and prototypes you can start drawing a sketch and then improve on the design gradually. You can try out multiple themes while there is no change made to the layout. There are many themes to suit your requirements.
  5. Though there are complex options that you need to deal with while designing a prototype Flair Builder’s user friendly interface makes your work faster and easier.
  6. Flair Builder has very simple functions like Drag and drop, undo/ redo, cut/copy/paste and also the auto save option so that all your hard work does not go in vain.

Flair Builder is a great tool for building wireframes and prototypes. With this tool the testing cost of your project comes down drastically. You can test the prototypes for accuracy rather than the real products.

Download : FlairBuilder