Fraise Text Editor for Mac OS

Fraise is a easy to use and powerful lightweight text editor for Mac OS X . It is designed to neither confuse newcomers nor disappoint advanced users.It has a native Cocoa user interface and supports syntax highlighting for many different programming, script editing and coding languages.

it open all document in a list with beautiful Quick Look icons to your left just like e.g. iTunes so you can easily switch between many documents – you can also choose to display them as tabs if you prefer it.

It also preview HTML files directly in Fraise and save snippets of text and insert them simply with a shortcut. And if you don’t want to be disturbed by other applications or the desktop you can let Fraise cover the whole screen to let you concentrate on your work.

Fraise is open source project based on Smultron, originally developed by Peter Borg.

Features of Fraise

  1. Powerful & lightweight text editor for all your files: Web, Scripts, etc.
  2. Snippets & Commands to quickly access functionalities and text you use often.
  3. Automatic Update System: Always get the latest features.
  4. Multilingual support
  5. Fully customizable syntax coloration system.
  6. Find and replace text quickly and easily in all your documents.

Download : Fraise text editor