Free Online Surveys organizer and customer feedback tool – KISSinsights

KISSinsights is a unique way to let your customers speak their mind. You can make queries and KISSinsights allows your customers to respond to your questions. Delivering responses from your customers is such an easy and quick procedure. This encourages your customers to take a look at your questions and reply. You can ask specific questions and get instant feedback so that you can take quick action.

KISSinsights is a better choice than any other software since it ensures that you get your feedback. Using KISSinsights you get replies from 40 customers on an average. This is adequate for you to take decisions after seeking opinion from your customers. With KISSinsights you can post questions instantly and get frank and precise responses. KISSinsights is a smarter choice since it generates responses from 40 customers on an average. This lets you take decisions. Since KISSinsights questions are instant responses are also honest and accurate.

It takes just two minutes to type a question using KISSinsights while with traditional survey it takes several hours. KISSinsights also has an attractive user interface with a dark and light contrasting theme. It lures customers to take a look at your website. You can find out what makes customers love your services or from where is your traffic coming. You can hunt out your prospective customers and guide customers to optimally use your services. KISSInsights is versatile and runs on any platform such as django, unbounce, Performable, Magento, WordPress, Tumbler, blogger etc. There are two plans you can choose from. The free plan allows 30 responses. The Premium plan costs $20 a month. It gives you options for customized surveys, automatic thank you message, no branding of KISSinsights and you can get unlimited number of response.

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