Froxlor Server management platform

Froxlor is an easy to use, Multilingual open source server management platform or you can also says server administrative tool or web hosting control panel for Linux to simplifies the effort of managing your hosting platform.

The platform is written in PHP and released under GNU GPLv2 license.

Features of Froxlor

  1. Multiple Access Level – With Froxlor, user can manage multiple Roles such as administrators, resellers and customers with combined or separated interface.
  2. Work as “Software as a Service” one click application installer.
  3. A Support ticket system for customer to solve their problems by reseller / administrator.
  4. PHP and Perl – support via SuEXEC and / or FastCGI, PHP with PHP-FPM
  5. Simple php.ini management for each domain if used with Apache.
  6. Manage all your services like Mail, FTP and Web space infrastructure in one central place.
  7. DKIM and individual DNS, SPF Records are supported to reduce spam for your customers.
  8. Support for IPv4 and IPv6 via control panel
  9. reseller and customer newsletter system
  10. Custom error pages, path settings and directory protection for all supported webservers
  11. Template based themes for each account.

Download : Froxlor