The Best Goodnotes Alternative Apps for Android

Notetaking is a challenge that most students have to go through. That is where you can think about getting your hands on a notetaking app. Goodnotes is an excellent example of such a notetaking app available out there. However, Goodnotes is not the only app of its kind available for you to use. Here are some of the best Goodnotes alternatives available for your use as of now.

Goodnotes Alternative Apps for Android

Noteledge for Android

NoteLedge is a great option available for people who wish to proceed with taking notes. You will discover a convenient approach for taking notes with the help of the NoteLedge app. It will help you with taking text-based notes and help you with taking audio notes. You will fall in love with the overall note-taking experience delivered by NoteLedge.

Download:- Android | iOS

Myscript Nebo – Goodnotes Alternative

You can make intelligent and beautiful notes with the support offered by MyScript Nebo. One of the best features available in this tool is that it will assist you in capturing beautiful handwritten notes in the form of typed text. You can get multilingual support by taking notes on the app as well. People who have started using the Nebo app for taking notes say that they could experience a productivity boost with it.

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Fit note for Android

FiiNote is providing you with access to a convenient approach for taking notes. That’s because you may use FiiNote and take notes in numerous ways. For example, you will be able to take inputs for FiiNote based on handwriting, keyboard, camera, and doodle and even via your voice. There are no limitations to experience when you are using FiiNote, and you can continue to get the maximum out of it.

Download:- Android

Squid – Goodnotes Alternative Apps

Squid is an app that will assist you in taking handwritten notes uniquely and interestingly. However, this app is not just another note-taking app. That’s because you can even use this app to edit the PDF files based on your preferences. One of the most important things to note about the Squid app is that it is a vector-based app. Therefore, you will be able to manipulate the notes you are taking using this app conveniently.

Download:- Android

Xournal++ – Best Goodnotes Alternative Apps

Xournal++ is one of the latest note-taking apps available out there as of now. You will be able to get a bunch of outstanding features in this app. For example, it is providing you with a paper background, which facilitates convenient notetaking. Moreover, you can find different types of pens on Xournal++, which can further assist you with taking notes based on your preferences.

Download:- Android

Inkredible for Android

INKredible is genuinely a great note-taking app that you can use. It is providing you the chance to get your hands on a beautiful and straightforward note-taking experience. Here is another vector-based note-taking app available for you to consider as of now. Hence, there is no need to worry too much about the overall note-taking experience delivered out of INKredible. On top of everything, you may call INKredible a perfect example of a note-taking app that you can use.

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Noteshelf for Android

You can simply take digital notes with the help of Noteshelf. It will also provide you the opportunity to enjoy the joy of writing and taking notes. You can allow your thoughts to flow in as you continue to write letters with the help of Noteshelf. Due to the same reason, you may call it a fluid note-taking app available for use as of now. The app will deliver a convenient interface, which will ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything when you are taking notes with it.

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LectureNotes for Android

LectureNotes is quite a popular note-taking app among the students. More than one million active students are currently using the LectureNotes app to proceed with taking notes. It is providing you the chance to take notes based on the course that you follow. Therefore, you can expect to receive assistance with taking notes based on the preferences that you have.

Download:- Android

Handwrite Pro for Android

Handwrite Pro is a minimalist-looking note-taking app that you can use to ensure your convenience while taking notes. That’s because Handwrite Pro will deliver rich note-taking functionalities to your fingertips. You will need to download this app on your smartphone, and it can provide the most exciting note-taking experience to you. You can even draw or write with the help of Handwrite Pro while you are in meetings or at lectures.

Download:- Android

Flexcil for Android

Flexcil will deliver a convenient process to go ahead with taking notes in the way you want. It is also providing you with access to a PDF app. Therefore, you can download and get the maximum functionality out of Flexcil at the end of the day. The app is quite popular among professionals. That’s mainly because of the rich note-taking environment that the app is capable of delivering.

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You don’t have to worry too much before looking for an app that can assist you with taking notes. Go through these options and pick the best app out of them for taking notes.

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