GoSiteWave- online business management software

GoSiteWave is an overall online business management software . It is well equipped to deal with ecommerce, Content Management System (CMS), Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Photo Galleries, Blogging, Forums etc. It has all the features to take care of your online business effectively.

You need basic knowledge in web design using which together with this software you can set your business running. But if you do not have any idea about web design GoSiteWave can take care of that too. GoSiteWave is the ideal solution to start your online business and set it roaring.

GoSiteWave focuses on your business needs specifically. You will have to sign up for the free trial for 30 days. Once you do that a representative from GoSiteWave will contact you to discuss your requirements. This way you can build a unique solution for your business. There are 3 packages which cost $59, $79 and $99 a month.

You can add a certain number of users according to the version of GoSiteWave you are using. GoSiteWave allows email and SMS notifications to be delivered when there is any enquiry or shopping in your website. You can use your own URL. GoSiteWave has an active support base which responds immediately to your queries. This software also allows you to purchase additional features to your existing plan at nominal charges.

Features of GoSiteWave

  1. Web site and hosting features
    • You can receive feedbacks from customers and communicate with them through communities, forums and blogs.
    • GoSiteWave allows integration with yahoo, Google and Windows Live.
    • You can publish any type of content and keep them secured. RSS allows you to share and organize your contents.
    • You can maintain a customer database which can be viewed and updated by the respective customers only.
    • Using SiteWalk you can edit your website when you are on the go. WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit your web pages easily. Every version of your web pages is stored in an archive.
    • You can select part of your contents which can only be accessed by members. This allows you to maintain security of your data.
    • GoSiteWave allows website reporting. You can also export your data to Excel sheets.
    • It has a form builder which helps you to create forms without any sort of programming.
    • You can create photo galleries on any web page. You can insert descriptions to the photos and alter layouts of the photo galleries.
    • You can insert rotators and rotate images, Flash objects and HTML snippets.
  2. ecommerce Features
  • You can set unlimited cumber of catalogues for your products. You can define the release and expiry dates for any catalogues and products.
  • You can import all your data from your website to a single Excel file. This allows smooth management of your business.
  • You can generate invoices using this software.
  • You can also perform Email marketing through this software.
  • GoSiteWave provides a comprehensive platform for solving your business’s problems. Internet is probably the biggest platform for advertisement and business now with millions of transactions being carried every day. GoSiteWave tries to integrate the same into a single platform thereby helping you cater to your customer needs.

    Download : GoSiteWave