GoSquared – Real-time traffic monitoring for your website

Website traffic has revved up a lot with the vast usage of internet and websites. Often you can see heavy rush of viewer ship in the websites and many people accesses the sites and the facilities they offer. As such, the traffic to the website becomes heavy and it may end up in hang up or site monitoring problems.

Due to this, there are some software , which helps in regulating your site traffic and managing the excess traffic at ease. GoSquared is a monitoring site that gives you information about the traffic of your website. It gives you information about your website usage and viewer ship in a day or a month.

GoSquared helps you to manage your website with the help of many applications and features to look out for. These applications have many monitoring applications that work together to help ease out excess traffic and keep your website popular and running in good way.

With these applications, the load quantity of the sites also does not hang up when you work for long or when many viewers access your sites. With heavy competition going within the different sites relating to the top notch in website and viewer ship rankings, the load capacity of the sites have increased to bring about new features and more content for the viewers. This is a reason that makes the traffic increase and hangs up as a result. With GoSquared, the monitoring will go on and will keep this load capacity at normal rate to keep your site going strong.

Features of GoSquared

  1. Widgets : the widgets give you adequate good information in pure organized content regarding your website view, traffic load or any other information you may want to. These widgets are simple and easy to understand for you. The widget gives you the information in metric number organizes to help you understand.
  2. Easy to Read: the graphs, fractions as well as the numerical are easy to read and organized with neat diagrams and pie circles. They help you a lot to get the required information and guidance regarding the website traffic control. You can get the ratio of popularity and rate in the internet market.
  3. Immediate Response: you do not need to wait for long to get information about your website traffic. Within few hours or even minutes, you get the accurate result without having to wait for long hours to get the result. It takes a matter of minute to know your website popularity and traffic viewer ship.
  4. Easy to Use: this feature is easy to use and simple. With its simple features, it becomes easy for you to get the accurate information relating to your website. It is very easy and good to use.

Download : GoSquared