online graphical database management tool for MySQL – ARMS

Advanced Resource Management System (ARMS) is a fully featured web based graphical database management tool for MySQL that allow administrators and developers to fully design, develop and monitor multiple MySQL database servers from one web location. It includes a number of unique features that have never been seen before in any related web tools.

It has Web2.0 Standards Compliant web interface that provides a user-rich WYSIWIG editing experience, more like usual desktop applications, while at the same time it offer fully backend support for advanced SQL. it also uses proprietary encryption algorithm that ensures true end-to-end security when accessing data and minimize the risk of third-party intrusions.

Features of ARMS

  1. Support for MySQL multi-server management.
  2. Fully Localized & Multilingual
  3. Full support for databases/ tables/ procedures/ triggers/ views
  4. Accessible from anywhere using a browser.
  5. Lightweight, Platform Independent Solution
  6. Data encrypted communication.
  7. User friendly Web2.0 Standards Compliant web interface
  8. Support for Multi-tab data presentation.
  9. Support for Inline data editing (grids).
  10. Real-time Data Filtering
  11. Multi panel SQL editor
  12. Powerful table/indexes designer.
  13. Support for routines.
  14. Backup management
  15. Predefined SQL queries
  16. Even support for copy/paste functionality for tables and databases within the same server or between different servers.

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