Groupboard – online collaborative whiteboard for multiple User

Groupboard is an online collaborative, multi-user drawing board that helps you to insert multi-user tools like whiteboard, chat, message boards and also gaming options within your web pages just by copy pasting a few HTML code lines.

You can also get into your Groupboard by a single click on the link provided by the official site.

Groupboard operates on any browser supported by Java or Ajax comprising of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and also Safari versions of Windows, operation systems of Linux and Mac OSX as well.

You can access Groupboard over your mobile phones only if you are an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android user. You do not need any extra plugins or even downloads.

There has been a remarkable refinement in the Groupboard mechanism since its initialization in 1998 and it has turned out to be a trustworthy and scalable collaborative software built up for simplifying your business, educational or procreative purposes.

It has been widely opted and is at present being utilized by many tutors, educational institutes and universities all over the world to improve distance education and online alliance.

More than 100,000 Groupboards are created free of cost. Groupboard payment options include payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or cheques.

Groupboard is built up with some really useful and handy features for your help. These features include:

Features of Groupboard

  1. If you are opting for free Groupboard usage then the maximum number of users using a single board will be 5. You will be allowed up to 20 photo files for saving, 4 background pictures and not more than 50 posts for public forum.
  2. There are different Groupboard packages for more than 5 users per board. If there are 15 users for 1 board then you can save up to 100 photos, 20 background images and up to 200 public posts. If the user number reaches 50 or exceeds it then these options increase with the user capacity.
  3. The usage fee for every package can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis too.
  4. Real-time whiteboard, chat, message boards and games.
  5. Whiteboard available in any size as per your requirement.
  6. Groupboard provides a multilingual approach for convenience of people across the globe. Be it English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish etc, it will be accessible to all.
  7. For any language other than European ones, Unicode character support is provided.
  8. You are provided with Whiteboard of a size that you prefer, chat and message board and other game services as well.
  9. You can acquire an optional improved postal forum that you will get in the paid packages.
  10. If you are into audio conferencing then there is an option enabling you to opt for voice conference on payment of a certain amount depending on the package you want.
  11. Groupboard can derivate into your personal webpage by an iframe which you can customize accordingly.
  12. You can get free trial packs of 1 week for a 15 or more users and 50 user packages.
  13. Enhanced technical prop up is provided by Groupboard for the fee oriented deals.

Download : Groupboard online collaborative whiteboard