GroupSpaces – Online Group Management Software

Web based group management have its own height. GroupSpaces is one such new app in the block that supports group management in the online platform.

Group management can be in any terms – like school communities, universities, club associations, religious communities or any possible groups.

Andy Young and David Langer are the founders of GroupSpaces in the year 2007. It is mainly a London based company and its primary objective is to host different groups and has a network chain across 30 countries.

The capability to compound and convey a mail, upholding news reports, event details, formation of wiki and arranging a team that belongs to a single site presents this one application as an effective and exclusive one.

The enrollment method is bit illustrative and a tedious one. The control panel window is uncomplicated luminous one thus turns out to be an admiring one and one can easily cope up with it.

Every single element consists of uncomplicated directions and figures for inserting data. Team endorsement is just a click away to tick on the advancement selection option.

The system is good at producing index to include in the websites and over the blogs. This one is an automatic and uncomplicated device for web teams so as to exchange data, news some things more even.

To enroll one has to provide all the personal details. And then the applicants are allowed to display their pictures and symbol as well as more details regarding their team.

Even contact information like mail and phone numbers are also given. Then all you are required to is to select the required basics of it. In CSV configuration information can be upheld.

The teams that are comprised of below the range of 250 the groupspace is absolutely free of cost for them.

Features of GroupSpaces

  1. Create website without charge – You can now simply form your team without paying and can utilize it in kind of way of personal website, give your own symbol, preferred design and then select you position for the group with a unique tune.
  2. Member info – You can save all the information of the members that too online and can display it among your team. Allows the applicants to pay off the fee and application over internet through the debit or credit card is being done.
  3. Team mailing chart – It helps to form business, tagged mails and reforms the overall appearances of the site. Arranges the team mates’ mails and are being saved in a repository.
  4. Event organization – You can display the detailing of the happenings according to your catalogue show it over your site as well as on Facebook. Add up more people through mail gather RSVPs and then trade the tickets.
  5. File bank – It is going to save every little details, purposes and visuals and restrains the file from being attained. Smoothly manner of displaying images of the functions mates can post comments and can see them.

It is highly accepted by the youth and with such an effective line of features it is sure to score high marks in the market. Overall it is a brilliantly conceptualized app and works wonder.

Download : GroupSpaces