Helpdesk pilot – Helpdesk software and support ticketing system

Helpdesk pilot software is a unique application, which is used for customer support for small and medium sized IT industries. This tool is highly efficient and helps in managing the support service of a firm without any hassle. The application is one of its kinds and helps in providing back-to-back support to IT industries.

The uniqueness of this software lies in the fact that it collates support requests sent in through the email, the web or over the phone and translates it into a feature rich helpdesk solution that both empowers your support agents and reassures your end-users of quick, efficient and a quality support. It treats each and every incoming request as a unique and traceable ticket.

Features of Helpdesk pilot

  1. Supports for all major mailbox configuration – This tool supports all major mailbox configuration including Google applications and MS Exchange.
  2. Integrates mailbox – The applications, Help desk can create categories individually and integrate ones mailbox to have incoming mails get converted to tickets. Not only this, it also gets them filtered into their respective categories.
  3. Quick responding to the tickets – The tool, even if in the field or on the move responds to the tickets, by simply replying to the email notifications the user has received. The response is then sent to the user end and attach to the ticket within the help desk. This ensures that all the communication is actively stored in the ticket’s summary.
  4. Reduces dependency on the manual work – The use of this tool reduces ones dependency on the manual work and creates rules that automatically perform an action on a ticket when a certain condition is met. One can define any combination of conditions and actions to create smart rules specific to ones need
  5. Helps reducing the learning curve – The software’s interface goes a long way to reduce the learning curve, and is of a great help for the people at the help desk. This enables them to immediately focus on how to manage and respond to the incoming requests efficiently
  6. Allows the usage of mass reply feature – In one go the users can use its Mass Reply feature, and send mass reply to all the tickets that have raised the question, bug or issue. Every action on a ticket by any member of the application is tracked. Ordered chronologically, the activity log is available at the end of the every ticket.
  7. User Friendly application – Beginners will find that installing helpdesk pilot is relatively easier than other tools that can start working in no time. PHP and MySQL are the servers that this tool runs on. Both the administrative and the intuitive areas interface wise look clean. On the whole, it is one of the best and most user-friendly web help desk system one can find. There are an estimated 11,0000 active customer using this tool worldwide. Big brands like IBM, AT&T, Verizon etc. are using it and are few of the satisfied customers of this application.

The exceptional qualities of this application revolutionize the customer support system. Its uniqueness and popularity makes it stand apart in the competitive market. The application is available for a 15 days trial, and afterwards, the users can get this application with full features paying a nominal fee.

Download : helpdesk pilot