Online Idea management and collaboration tool – Wridea

Wridea is an online Idea management tool to manage your ideas and easily collaborate with friends and necessary tools to improve your ideas by yourself and individually.

It does not let any ideas that strike you to be forgotten. You can quickly record them, manage them, and make improvements if required.

You can share your ideas with your friends and invite them to give feedbacks also improve your ideas on your own with the exclusive features of Wridea.

Wridea is basic software that requires easy handling. You do not need to go through a series of complicated instructions before using it. It is intuitive in nature. So without wasting so much time, you can simply get started on compiling your ideas.

Wridea helps you to organize your ideas instantly and using the various features of Wridea you can develop better ideas from the old ones.

The administrator can save an unlimited number of ideas to their Wridea account and divide them into different categories. These ideas are organized into different pages under different topics. You can set privacy options to control which ideas are to be made visible to which person.

You will have to sign up for free with Wridea to start managing your ideas. Since it is free it does not burn your pockets. Yet it gives a perfect solution to coordinate your ideas.

Features of Wridea

  1. It’s an online idea management tool so no need to install any software to use the Wridea application.
  2. You can create as many ideas as you want to. Sharing is an effortless task using Wridea. Thus Wridea helps you collaborate on various topics with your friends.
  3. classify your ideas according to pages. These pages can be kept private or made public. You can share individual ideas or these pages as a whole to groups of friends.
  4. Easy to invite your friends to discuss your ideas. You can grant access to different pages to groups of friends that you have created.
  5. You can also share your ideas with the Wridea community and invite them to post feedback.
  6. Discussions on your ideas can be held with your friends in the form of brainstorming sessions. lets your friends contribute to developing your ideas. You can also post comments on ideas generated by your friends.
  7. Wridea has an efficient search engine that allows you to search for your ideas rapidly.
  8. Wridea has a competent API which lets you develop your own applications integrated with the services of Wridea. You can include any features in these applications as per your requirement. This lets you work in a personalized environment with the features that you frequently need to access.

Wridea simply lets your ideas flourish. It lets you focus on your ideas while managing all other unimportant work. Download: Wridea

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