IdeaScale – Idea Management and Crowdsourcing software

If you are searching for a software that takes your thoughts and gives you solutions for your queries , IdeaScale is the most appropriate tool one can think of. Moreover, if you want to your work to be based on your clients’ ideas, IdeaScale gives you the platform to do just that.

IdeaScale is a very unique software where you can take your client’s ideas, and use them to work on their projects, thus ensuring a much more comprehensive completion of your work. You can also exchange thoughts between your colleagues using IdeaScale.

The basic work layout of IdeaScale is that, a number of ideas regarding a certain subject or project are posted by the logged in members. Other members can view and vote on the idea they find to be most promising. They can even post any modifications that they would like to be implemented on a previously posted idea. The deadline for voting on a set of ideas can be set, after which the best of the lost are selected and brought forward for physical implementation.

IdeaScale is linked to Wikipedia in case one needs information regarding an idea to render it as a sound and feasible one. One very convenient thing about IdeaScale is that it doesn’t require you to install any software. Once you sign up for it, it is ready for use. You can set moderators who will decide on the weight of each idea, perceiving them to be strong or weak as they feel. That way, only the best ideas seep through, while the comparatively weaker ones are filtered out.

In IdeaScale you can also post your feedback after an idea has been passed. You can also view, and reply to others’ feedbacks. Feedbacks may be anonymous or named as per the choice of the person. For ideas and discussions related to your work, you can set them to be exclusively visible to your colleagues, employees and clients.

Features of IdeaScale

  1. IdeaScale does not require any software installation to run. All you need to do is sign up online .
  2. It maintains its security through SAS70 security audits and SSL/TLS support. Thus your information is secure in IdeaScale.
  3. You can set some datum-line to your employees based on which they can cast their ideas. You provide the initial idea, or the work relating to which they’ll have to post their thoughts.
  4. IdeaScale lets you create different communities for people involved in different fields of work. Employees can create their own profiles in their respective communities.
  5. You can set the posted ideas into different categories depending on their exclusivity.
  6. In public discussions, everyone can post, reply and vote. Thus, for topics related to public topics like the state or the country, everyone can participate in the discussion and provide ideas.
  7. Social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are linked to IdeaScale. So, you can universalize any topic of discussion using these to platforms as well.

The concept of “idea-management” is fairly new, and IdeaScale has taken a groundbreaking step to popularize it. Since it supports discussions and ideas of all kinds from work to political discussions, IdeaScale can prove to be a very effective tool to encourage new ideas and implement them.

Download : IdeaScale idea management software