Insoshi Social Networking Platform

Insoshi is an open-source social networking platform developed mainly by Michael Hartl. He was supported by Long Nguyen with deployment, system and version control. Insoshi is purely written in Ruby on Rails and the source code for this is available under MIT license without any cost and pretty easily. Evan Dorn is a current maintainer of the Insoshi project.

With Insoshi, user can develop their own custom social networking site without any problem.

  • It is a lucrative space considering the enterprise.
  • Insoshi provides the source code which differentiates it from other such applications.
  • Insoshi works very well in out of the box manner with SQLITE 3 or MySQL and does not require any esoteric plug in.
  • A database agnostic
  • It provide secure intranets that very important for enterprise.
  • It does not provide any means for extending or modifying the source code. Customizing would mean altering the source code.
  • The running installation at times is slow and not very efficient in its working.
  • Ruby on Rails and Scalability are not the best and foolproof features to have for a social networking platform.
  • A platform that has been designed to grow virally in a developer environment is prone to having scalability issues.
  • Ruby on Rails is not as easy to install as WordPress which uses PHP and MySQL technologies which are ubiquitous. Installing these is a simple matter ofputting some files on the shared hosting space.
  • Insoshi has incorporated all the popular features that are available in most social networking platforms. These include blogs, activity feeds profile, messaging and people’s search.
  • You need to install a FreeImage or some other image processor (such as ImageMagick/RMagick) and a database (MySQL or PostgreSQL) before you start the installation process of Insoshi.
  • You need Sphinx to use Insoshi’s search capabilities.

Thus Insohi is a relatively new open social networking platform which is growing to be pretty large scale and incorporating all advanced features along with doings away with all its setbacks.

Download : insoshi – open source social networking platform