Invoice Dude – Online Billing and Invoicing Software

Invoice Dude is medical billing software, which helps you to get the medical bills and insurance billing documents and information at ease. The medical billing software enables you to get the medical insurance records and document information easily without any hassle.

The software application connects to the insurance database to provide you with the medical insurance information and gets you the payment details of the insurance company to the medical facility. The gets you the terms and conditions as well as the information relating to the insurance maintenance and withdraws of money in lieu of the health concerns.

You do not need to wait for hours on end to get the documents and forms filled up when you issue medical insurance pay. With Invoice Dude, you can easily enter your insurance details and you will directly get all the information from the insurance database and get it transferred to the medical health and to you.

Invoice Dude facilitates easy transaction of your medical bills with any insurance facility as well as makes bills easily of your medical expenses. You just need a couple of minutes before you get all the details of your medical transactions. The Invoice Dude can be used at any time, whether day or night without any hassle.

Apart from that, whenever you require any extra module information. The Invoice Dude gets it easily without any extra hassle. This feature is 100 percent free and any medical facility can use it. all you need to do is get yourself registered to use the application services.

Features of Invoice Dude

  1. Unlimited: you do not get any limitations when it comes to using Invoice Dude. You name the work or aspect; you get it done with it.
  2. Multiple currencies: you can bill your customer with any currency pay and it will transfer that at ease.
  3. Customized logo: you get your own personal logo and brand banner when you access your account.
  4. Customized email notifications: you get customized email notifications when you want to send any updated information to your clients.
  5. Freedom to move data: you also can transfer data to your database from the insurance or the clients’ database.
  6. Payment methods: the billing and payment methods are through PayPal and it is effective in making transactions
  7. Multiple contacts for clients: you can set multiple contacts for your clients’ for them to get substitute information sources regarding the medical health facility or its assortment with any insurance agency.

Download : Invoice Dude