iSites – create a customized iPhone and Android app in minutes

iSites is an online application creator that help you to create an HTML-based application for mobile platforms in minutes. you can easily add, delete or edit new applications according to your own needs.

It even helps you out with the promotion of your brand the way which you feel is the best. iSites also helps you with a proper analysis of all your application content and download and view.

Features of iSites

  1. You can customize your Apps according to your own needs and choices. You can use multiple RSS feeds, Quick Post, Blogger, Posterous, YouTube, Flickr & other social media hosts in your display contents.
  2. With the help of Admob account, you can create your own advertising space.
  3. Increase your downloads by giving your user the ability to Bump and immediately share your app with friends.
  4. Find out where and when people are using your app and reading your content.
  5. There is an option for Quick Post through which you can directly post a title along with your new contact.
  6. New features like Radio Streaming and Coupon Integration will further enhance your experience of being associated with iSites.
  7. With the use of iSites you can also use your creative skills to entice your users with a splash screen, flashy title and other features. You can even make use of high quality images for the App Icons you plan to use.
  8. with the help of iSites choose the exact pattern of distribution lists which will not just suit your needs but will also benefit you the most.
  9. Provide Push notification to update all users or users by region with vibrating Smartphone alerts.

iSites offers a complete solution for your online business. With more features and apps to be introduced pretty soon, iSites has a long way to go. It is not just user friendly but is also cost effective and efficient web based service.

Download : iSites – online application creator for iPhone and Android