JCCKit – java library for creating scientific charts and plots

JCCKit is a chart contraction kit for java platform. it’s an small, lightweight (only 100kb)and very flexible framework for create scientific charts and plots. the framework is specially designed for writing applets and application with the need for visualizing scientific data.

So If you are looking for a lean scientific chart and plot library without all the unwanted bells and whistles of the heavy competitors then try JCCKit.

Features of JCCKit

  1. Small, lightweight java library
  2. highly configurable due to a sophisticated configuration concept
  3. Easily extensible (1/3 of all classes are interfaces or abstract classes.)
  4. automatic updating if data changes
  5. Easily develop dynamic charts and plots
  6. automatic rescaling if canvas size changes
  7. out-of-the-box applet for presenting static data on a web page without needing knowledge of the Java programming language.
  8. automatically generates a legend
  9. Support for logarithmic axes, non-numerical tic labels, different line styles, colors, and thicknesses, different symbols, different fonts, font styles, colors, and text orientations, vertical and horizontal error bars, vertical, horizontal, and stacked bar charts
  10. Supported devices AWT Graphics context, AWT Graphics2D context (needs Java 2 platform), Off-Screen image creation (need J2SE 1.4 or higher), Scalable vector graphics

Download : JCCKit java library