Jigoshop – e-commerce plugin for WordPress

Jigoshop is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress that specially developed and released by professionals having an experience of several years who are entitled to deliver the online shops for international brands. It is a lightweight and elegant code that is endorsed with WordPress functionality.

A few e-commerce WordPress plug-ins are released all around, but out of all the e-commerce plug-in released Jigoshop will catch your eyes and it’s certain.

Some of the features of Jigoshop include in-built widgets, an account area for customers, discount coupons, Short codes and Product export/ import etc. So it has become quite easy to make themes on WordPress e-commerce on your own.

With Jigoshop shops are set up quite easily in a few minutes for both downloadable and physical products as well as services. It has all necessary features that is required to establish an ecommerce web site.

Basic styling is the provision of Jigoshop and several themes can be effectively used up with Jigoshop, but even if it fails to satisfy you then you can easily use template as well as CSS files.

Jigoshop provides an ecommerce based solution with the ability to create grouped, configurable as well as simple products that customers can easily use for the refinement based on your catalog that is based on the attributes of your product.

Shipping options as well as worldwide payment ensures the exposure of your product to any corner of the world with the potentiality to formulate profits even at the time when you are resting.

Features of Jigoshop

  1. WordPress Centric : Lightweight and elegant codes are built upon the functionality of core WordPress.
  2. Reporting : Detailed order and stock reporting via graphs and dashboard widgets.
  3. Extensibility : Enables the addition of certain functionalities with your Jigoshop with the aid of premium extensions and themes .
  4. Short Codes and widgets : With the aid of Short codes and widgets unique stores are created easily. These Short codes and widgets are the built in feature of this type.
  5. First Class sustainability : Provision of support forums that are truly dedicated as well as it can be regularly updated.
  6. Easy to sell digital, physical as well as virtual products, manage orders, Grouped, simple as well as configurable products.
  7. Promote your Product with Discount coupons. Add up-sells, cross-sells, user generated reviews
  8. Localization : Tax is paid depending on location, support for multi currency and Several shipping options.
  9. Uniqueness : Layered product navigation, Provision of an area for Customer account, Inventory tracking, Order management detailing and also simple to export/ import product
  10. Support all types of Payments gateways like PayPal Standard, Skrill / Moneybookers, Cheque etc..
  11. Support for Custom Widgets such as Shopping cart, Product search, Layered navigation, Price filter

Download : Jigoshop