Jojo – PHP-based free CMS for web developers

Jojo is a PHP based open source Content management system (CMS) for web developers. it allow you to create fast, standards compliant, easy to use, easy to manage , search engine friendly, design flexible website. User can run unlimited websites from a single set of core files. Makes it real to easily upgrade lots of sites at once.

it has AJAX based user interface and uses BBCode or WYSIWYG editor which make content editing more simple and fast. Smart handling of CSS and JavaScript files usually makes 50-90% savings in file size & several HTTP requests. it also allow you to easily redirect pages that are renamed or moved using a search engine friendly 301 redirect.

it resizes all images on the fly from a large original image kept on the server. Images can be resized to any dimension, cropped square or cropped to fit simply by changing the URL of the image which is also SEO friendly.

Jojo CMS is based 3 files which installed in the web-root of a Jojo website, none of them writable. This is a security plus on shared servers, and most CMS systems don’t do this.

Features of Jojo CMS

  1. No duplicate content – great for SEO.
  2. Clever caching and optimization of style sheets, on the fly.
  3. Built-in support for plugins for adding articles, link exchanges, FAQ, product listings
  4. Automatic obfuscation of email addresses.
  5. Can handle UTF-8 characters for non-English languages.
  6. Additional fields in admin area for doing proper on-page SEO.
  7. BBCode or WYSIWYG editor for editing content.
  8. SEO friendly URL’s and navigation
  9. Support for Google XML Sitemaps
  10. simple image handling
  11. Free and open source CMS

Download : Jojo CMS
Demo : Jojo CMS Demo