Jot! – iPad Whiteboard to sketch and share ideas on your iPad

The discovery of iPad in the ever busy world has provided all of us with a comfortable way out. The huge screen further adds up to the comfort of the users than which they used to get from the iPhone or the iTouch. The iTouch has already gained much of the fame with its extensive note captivating programs and also various drawing programs.

Since the inception of the iPad there has been plenty applications that performs the note taking or painting tasks but only few are there which are advanced enough to make a mark. Now if you wish to have an application that will not only allow you to take fast notes but also will let you make your beautiful and effective drawings whenever you need them – then you have to go for Jot.

The main motive behind Jot is making the activity of taking notes and drawing very easy. Jot allows you to note down anything. Right from the aspect of taking down important notes till framing useful and important diagrams that you need to refer later on.

This application is extremely versatile and effective and for that reason only it is widely used and accepted. Thus you won’t have to complex apps any more as with Jot your task would be in the easiest of terms. There aren’t any such complex tools nor there are any complexities in usage, it is very simple and you can catch up with the app within a minute.

The plan of the application is very minimal and this absolutely should be the way. The thought behind the plan of the application is just to provide you with an empty canvas area and allow you to portray your ideas and all. It is for this very fact only that the majority of the screen area is allotted for the canvas and the menu options are made minimal to the limit. Thus you get the maximum amount of area to depict all your thoughts.

Features of Jot

  1. Drawing and Sketching : Utilizing your iPad for sketch has to be instinctive and perceptive. It reduces the complexities in the drawing aspects by allowing you to draw smoothly without having to tap numerous times.
  2. Take Notes or remarks on the iPads : Notes taking in your iPad are really easy with Jot. It is not only easy but at the same time is extremely fast. Jot also allows you to combine all your notes with the important drawings that you had made or will be making and generate a complete report.
  3. Wireframe on the iPad : iPad’s can also be used as a wire framing device where you can chalk out all your plan programs with the effective designing tools to help out the co-workers understand the plans effectively. Jot allows you to concentrate more on your effective designs rather than spending much of your concentration in other details like in case of other apps.
  4. MindMap on your iPad : mindmaps that you touch, connections that you draw, can unlock connections faster than an automated flowchart.

Thus with the all effective features, Jot is a must download application in your iPad to help you in your daily work life.

Download : Jot! – iPad Whiteboard

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