Hide Your Private Pictures on Android with Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault is the best android app for privacy to hide your personal videos and pictures from your photo gallery and stays locked behind password-protected PIN codes.

It hides your selected personal files and data, which includes selected private photos, videos, and messages that you wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone.

With KeepSafe Vault, Users can completely control who sees what. Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and co-workers. Take control of your privacy!

Features of Keepsafe Photo Vault

  1. KeepSafe hides pictures in a secret gallery without limits for free. It is also the best app to hide videos out there.
  2. Hide Unlimited Photos & Videos for Free
  3. Easy to Use PIN pad access
  4. Fingerprint or Touch ID
  5. Folders
  6. Un-hide pictures and videos from KeepSafe as you like
  7. Add pictures from Facebook app to KeepSafe Vault
  8. Share pictures from KeepSafe Vault
  9. Safe Send – show pictures to friends for a limited time
  10. Rotate and zoom features
  11. Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding, sharing
  12. Full-screen viewing
  13. Free slideshow feature
  14. Disappears from ‘recent apps’ list
  15. Military Grade encryption
  16. KeepSafe is a secret app, a simple secret box for your content.

Download: KeepSafe Vault