LibreOffice – open source personal productivity and office application suite

MS office is the most reliable software application that is used at the time when you to create spreadsheets, documents, presentations, databases.

This is the most widely used application software that is used all over. But the limitation of MS office is that it is a bit costly software.

There are several cheaper alternatives available in the market but they are incapable of providing the firmness and often fail to live up to the expectations.

LibreOffice is an perfect alternative for MS Office that is available freely and it also provides a tough competition to all its corresponding competitors.

A main menu is provided by the LibreOffice that enables you to select a desired application from the list as per your desired choice: Calc, Base, Impress, Draw, Writer and Math.

If you use the products of MS Office then all other interface of any application will appear to be very familiar to you. The Writer of LibreOffice is an application of word-processing.

A document has already typed and it has been already formatted. The extension of this application is .odt and the files are saved with this extension by default, and even the MS Word fails to open this application.

But it never allows you to save any file in a .doc file. Calc is used as spreadsheet while Impress is used as for presentation programs. Writer also provides a familiar interface like this.

The default files saved in.ods and .odp file format can be opened as a MS file type and this is not a big issue. But if you do it then you will have to click on the link that will take you to a website for support.

Features of LibreOffice

  1. The word processor of the LibreOffice is the Writer. You can do any sort of work using the Writer that enables you to create an entire book that will have embedded illustrations, table of contents, diagrams and bibliographies. Multi-column brochures as well as newsletters can be easily created by the writers through the explicit use of features of this application. The limitation that may befall in your path is imagination.
  2. You can easily take complex decisions rather than eyeing alternatives through the use of Calc. Data can be easily analyzed with the aid of Calc which can further used for displaying the final output of yours. Analysis tools as well as Charts will help you in easily getting your conclusion. Even complex formulas can be easily solved using this system.
  3. Multimedia presentations can be created easily and quickly through the use of Impress in a pretty fast way. Sensational special effects and stunning animations can be easily created using Impress – LibreOffice presentation manager that will please your audience. Even professional presentations can be also created using this.
  4. Sketches as well as diagrams can be easily built using Draw that will start from the very scratch. Even special effects as well as 3D illustrations can be easily created using LibreOffice Draw. With it you can work on it easily.
  5. The front-end for the LibreOffice suite is the Base. The existing databases can be easily integrated by you with the components of LibreOffice through the use of Base. An interface can be easily created as well as it can be administered through the use of this stand-alone application.

Thus, LibreOffice is the best possible alternative for MS office that is really very beneficial. The features provided by this application are really very beneficial and it works at par with MS Office.

Download : LibreOffice

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