LooseStitch – Free Online Outliner and brainstorming tool

Any sort of outlines or ideas can be put together by the user through the use of LooseStitch. User can create outliner documents from any source such as site maps or any other authentic source of information.

Even documents can be created as well as they can be attached to tasks for the purpose of collaboration with several friends. The outlines of LooseStitch can be taken to Microsoft Word or OmniOutliner or a blog.

There are several ways of using LooseStitch. With each and every education or work an outline is also provided. Anything can be planned using them be it a project or an event that include plans of travelling.

Functional outlines can be easily developed using the LooseStitch by the users quite easily. The persons who created the application of LooseStitch created to introduce some specific measures for fulfilling their own requirements.

An outline tool is always needed by the internet that has the capacity of handling the task of any type. Very effective outlines were also provided but only for certain situations.

The use of LooseStitch is very broad and wide and it is also very versatile and flexible for writing short outlines as well as lengthy ones.

LooseStitch is organizational and standard outlining application. The great deal of versatility marks its uniqueness. Outlining tasks of any type is handled very effectively by this application even in situations where the given outlines are very small.

LooseStitch helps in the organization of anything including recipes to project and even to travelling plans and it highly flexible.

The very first appearance of the website of LooseStitch is very attractive and appealing as the users are welcomed into a background of jean texture that is blue in color.

The color combination of this website is simply awesome and the users are simply elated after using it. The design of this website is pretty clean and clear.

Additional of several features are still needed to add to the glamour of this site along-with the provision of informational tools and screen shots.

The various areas where access is permitted to the users of LooseStitch are features of document management, personalized account, image and file attachments, up to the maximum level of 100 MBs of space for online storage, tracking capabilities and task assignment and also the duplication of the existing documents.

To be an account holder in LooseStitch a user must fill the following details in a form that includes username, first name and last name, email address, password and current time as well as date.

Features of Loosestitch

  1. Make your choice from corporate, individual or memberships for the friend pack.
  2. Your personalized account can be accessed by you.
  3. Share files as well as upload through LooseStitch.
  4. Assign tasks can be created.
  5. Duplication of the existing documents is also possible.
  6. Use LooseStitch to assign tasks to friends and collaborators. The built-in Notifications tab makes it really easy to track all your tasks and todos. Across all your documents.

Download : LooseStitch