Macfuse – Create File Systems for Mac OS X

MacFUSE provides a mechanism for the implementation of the File System that is FUSE-Compliant  and used by Mac OS X. A mechanism is implemented by the MacFUSE in such a manner so that it can be used as a program in the user-space on Mac OS X.

API-compliance is the main aim of the MacFUSE with the provision of the FUSE (File system in User space) mechanism that was originated on the platform of Linux. Hence, many existing file systems based on FUSE are made easy to be used on Mac OS X. MacFUSE is a kernel extension that is dynamically loadable.

A file system of 3rd-party is enabled by MacFUSE that allows you the extension of Mac OS X’s native handling capabilities of files. Several products use this software as the means of building blocks.

When you are installing the software package MacFUSE as the user, then the MacFUSE enables you to view file system of the 3rd-party that has been written at the top of the MacFUSE. Several file systems of numerous types is provided to you by the MacFUSE. And you can certainly use them as the developer. They can be even run by you as programs of user-mode.

The source of these files systems can be numerous and they may include the network, memory, the local disk or any other source. File systems written in-kernel can be used for writing the file systems with the explicit use of MacFUSE.

Its magnitude of usage is very quicker and easier compared to all other writing approach of from traditional time. A great flexibility is offered in choosing the debuggers programming tools, as well as the libraries for developing applications of the standard Mac OS X.

A file system that provides great functionality is provided by the MacFUSE and it is implemented through a great mechanism for a user-space program that is fully functional and is built on Mac OS X.

Multiple APIs are provided here, one that provides a superset of the FUSE (File-system in User space). Linux is the OS that led to the foundation of the API. Hence, many file systems that exists on FUSE can be easily used on Mac OS X.

The software MacFUSE consists of various libraries of the user-space along-with a kernel extension and a various set of tools. It is provided with Objective-C based and C-based SDKs. A file system can be created in any language of your specific choice be it Java or python after installing that relevant language and its bindings.

Features of Macfuse

  1. The Pane provided by MacFUSE Preference that makes it straightforward and easy so that users are able to get up-to-dated with the latest releases of the MacFUSE and helps the users to be in total control.
  2. Support for the 64-Bit. The extension of the kernel, the software stack for the entire MacFUSE, MacFUSE user-space Objective-C framework and C library in the version of 64-bit are also available now. The only requirement for these capabilities is a 64-bit.

It is clearly evident that this app is sure to make a great business in the market.

Download : macfuse