Markup Factory Hosted CMS for web designer

Markup Factory provides a platform for Web Publishing and is itself a type of CMS which stands for Content Management System. This is developed to assist people for displaying their abilities and talents in order to create as well as manage websites very effectively.

Markup Factory is specially used by web designers for developing web presence that is not only very powerful but also very strong that provides assistance to your clients or organization.

Website managers can perform free interaction with the website visitors that will certainly provide a set of tools that are very easy to use.

The accommodation capability of Markup Factory is tremendous and without any hindrance or difficultly is can easily fits itself perfectly into the already existing work flow:

  1. Sign up: An Account of Markup Factory should be created.
  2. Code and Design: Enables the creation of a simple website template.
  3. Upload: You can easily add certain features into the Markup Factory like the CSS/ XHTML.
  4. Add Functionality: Customized functionality can be easily added to your existing website with the aid of powerful modules and functions.
  5. Update and Manage: Free and easy interaction is allowed with your audience with the aid of a powerful tool set that is also friendly and simple to use.

Provision of certain features of the web applications that is not only simple but also powerful is the unique feature of Markup Factory. Thus web applications are created with least effort. If data driven or dynamic functionality is wanted by you on your own website itself, then most of the task is done already for you and your focus should lie on the implementation. The use of Markup Factory will be enhanced if you go through the following functionalities of Markup Factory :

  1. Web Hosting is an in-built feature.
  2. Content Publishing
  3. Template Engine
  4. User Database
  5. ecommerce Module
  6. Blogs
  7. Module of Event Calendar
  8. Online Registrations
  9. Form Builder & Online Database
  10. newsletters & Email Marketing
  11. Podcast Module
  12. Support for Human Power

Markup Factory enables monitor activity that lie within your modules of your website through a RSS or Activity of central Feed.

Features of Markup Factory Hosted CMS

  1. hassle Free Web hosting : Markup Factory are a form solution that run on the web servers of ours. Through content management you will surely require the aid of a web host and so this feature has made its availability very easy. This also enables system updates and bug fixation at a terrific speed for all the subscribers of ours.  Experienced persons are here having an experience of 7 years or more in the field of online businesses as well as many large ecommerce companies. Thus it has become a very safe way to achieve these things.
  2. Web updating made easy : The Markup Factory contains a content editor that contains certain publishing interface that is designed to even enable a lay person to publish his content onto their website as the content editor is entirely customizable.
  3. Simple and flexible user friendly template Engine and Code Snippets.
  4. A unified online database for all your people tracking needs.
  5. Easy to import /export User database and also easy to integrate with other Modules.
  6. Simple e-commerce solution to fulfill your needs, from shopping carts to payment options.
  7. Also provide support for third party payment processors such as Credit Card Processors: PayPal Pro,, ECHO
  8. Simple and easy to use blogging engine for business
  9. Manage your events using a simple intuitive online calendar that show upcoming events in a variety of formats throughout your website.
  10. It has Mini Event Management System to take online registrations for any event in your online calendar.
  11. Easily Publish and Maintain Video or Audio Podcasts with Markup Factory Podcast Engine.

Download : Markup Factory Hosted CMS