Megaskipper – Smart Way To Skip Media Streaming Time Limits

Megaskipper is a unique application that helps you to watch Videos from Megavideo and VideoBB without any time limits. The users can stream videos up to 72 minutes stretch, and with a single tap of a button, users can remove the limitation. The application is used to upload a mega soap or a serial online and share it among friends and community members. It also helps the users to upload their short films online for the viewers to see.

Megaskipper is a free application that allows the users to upload videos and mega videos seamlessly so that they (users) can share it within their community and friends. The application allows no lesser than 72 minutes of free video uploading.

Moreover, users can stretch the limit by a single tap of a button on the site’s homepage and enter the code of a particular video. The site also helps in removing the video uploading limit by joining hands with Google Chrome’s extension.

The interface, too, is quite simple and no tutorials are needed to understand the application. The most interesting aspect of this application is that it identifies the mega videos automatically by the URL and changes the icon color.

Features of Megaskipper

  1. Uploads videos and mega videos instantly- the application can upload videos and mega videos seamlessly and instantly at a stretch of 72 minutes.
  2. Easy to use and comes for free – Megaskipper is an easy to use application and can work on a single click of a button. Also, it is free to use.
  3. Removes uploading easily- The application, Megaskipper, removes the uploading limit by joining hands with Google Chrome extension. This means the users can extend the 72-minute’s limit and make the video uploading limit extend limitlessly.
  4. Recognizes a mega video easily- Megaskipper identifies a mega video by its URL and changes the icon color. This helps the users to identify the mega video files and access them whenever needed. A dialogue box appears on the screen that informs the completion of the task.
  5. Easy to install and download- The application is easy to download and install and takes no time to get prepared for the task handling.
  6. User-friendly interface- The smart layout is visually appealing, while the user-friendly interface of Megaskipper helps the users to handle the application well and access the tools easily whenever needed.

The application can be used to upload short films, advertisements, or mega videos and share them within the group or community members. In a way, Megaskipper can be called an out-of-the-box application that never compromises in terms of functionality and gives the users the freedom to upload huge videos and share them instantly.

Download: MegaSkipper