Memoranda – Personal Diary and Scheduling tool

Memoranda (formerly known as jNotes2) is an open source cross platform personal diary and scheduling tool that specially designed to help user to organize his/her work and actual projects.

The software is written in pure java so it is easily available on any Java-enabled Operating System, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It provides a set of tools to help a user to organize their daily work such as :

  • Notes editor for quick editing the rich-text notes and other documents organized as a diary with calendar interface.
  • Tasks manager for planning the personal projects as the hierarchical trees of "to-do" tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Resources manager to collect the links to the local documents and web resources.
  • Events manager for scheduling the events with automatic notifications.

It’s user friendly interface provide five main views – Agenda, Notes, Tasks, Events and Resources which available as screen tabs. Navigation on items is performed with the Calendar widget and the projects list which are always available on the screen (as the expandable panels).

Features of Memoranda

  1. Multiuser Application : Memoranda is a Multiuser application, Where each user has a personal separate environment to store all his/her projects data, settings and preferences.
  2. Cross-platform : Memoranda is written in pure java so it is available on any Java-enabled platform. The exception is a "System tray icon" feature that utilizes a third-party library (SysTray4J by SnoozeSoft) that contains a platform-depended code for MS Windows and Unix + K Desktop Environment (KDE). On other platforms Memoranda has no this feature.
  3. I18N-compliance : The language of user interface selected depending on user’s location.
  4. Easy exchange the data across the computers : It has a special ZIP-based file format for external storing of the projects.This is useful for transferring projects between different machines and for backup purposes.

Download : Memoranda – Personal Diary and scheduling tool