Metapad – free text editor for Windows

Metapad is a text editor that supports most Windows versions. It is developed as a reformed and better edition of Microsoft Notepad with added exciting latest features along with the pre-existing notepad features.

Metapad is a fast and simple text editor that is available to you free of cost. The main objective behind the creation of Metapad was to introduce it as a replacement for the Notepad.

Metapad was first released in 1999 with version 1.0b. it has evolved largely over the twelve years and the latest Metapad versions 3.6 and 3.6 LE have been released in May 2011.

The version 3.6 is preferred to version 3.6 Light Edition as the latter lacks some of the most useful and attractive features of the former.

The latest Metapad version 3.6 full version offers simultaneous redo or undo options of multiple tasks, highlights hyperlink cues, enables you to drag or drop editing option for text, you can include or overwrite mode change options and there is no fixed size boundary under Windows.

It uses a sound edit control system. Though Metapad 3.6 LE gives faster edit control useful for huge file uploading, still version 3.6 is much more suitable for text editing.

Features of Metapad

Metapad has lightweight configuration and thus is a small text editing application system. It has some useful feature:

  1. Metapad has a constant window post.
  2. You get updated file notifications from Metapad.
  3. It provides you with high resolution application icons.
  4. Metapad does useful search and finds substitutes for your previous data.
  5. It supports peripheral web browsers too.
  6. There is special speeding up keys that you can use. These include Ctrl +S, Ctrl+ N, etc..
  7. You are provided with dual support for font customization.
  8. In case of system problems you can use emergency exit keys.
  9. You can use configurations for you tab format using the settings feature.
  10. Metapad has Auto shift modes as well so you just need to select the option for your data transfer.
  11. You can select any line or column or paragraph while texting.
  12. It provides flawless UNIX file support as well.
  13. You can use Tab and Shift keys for block shifting and replacing.
  14. All your recently added or used files are gathered up into a single list to make your future search much easier and convenient.
  15. You can add some important file document as hyperlink in the Metapad.
  16. In the Metapad version 3.6 there is a special feature of portability mode that enables Metapad to operate and save files in an outer or thumb drive in a way so that there is no sign left of its usage in any other sharing system.
  17. You can choose from among 30 personalized UI language hook ups.

So, it’s time for you to replace your Notepad with the more efficient Metapad.

Download : Metapad free text editor for Windows