SpiderCMS – Microsoft .NET Framework based CMS

SpiderCMS is a fully featured content management system based on Microsoft .NET framework that allow organization to manage the content of their web site in an easy to use web-based interface without the need of any programming or design skills.

The system is entirely built on the Microsoft .NET framework and has extensive integration capabilities and offers enterprise scalability and performance. it uses MS-SQL 2005/2008 as a database backend and also easily integrated with most RDBMS systems. in addition, Spider CMS also supports for Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) as a means of content exchange and support for any type of content such as images, audio files, video files and documents.

It has easy to use, highly modular web based user interface where user can easily organize, publish and maintain the content of the site. Each site module have there own Edit page, where administrators/users interactively update the data.

Features of Spider CMS

  1. Perfect CMS solution for Internet Sites, Intranet sites and for E-commerce Sites
  2. Modular Structure
  3. Scalable content management system
  4. Flexible – because all content is written in modules
  5. Easy to use
  6. Maximize Potential
  7. Reduce Costs of Customer Support, Publishing Costs and Website Maintenance costs
  8. Advanced user and role-based permission system
  9. All files are encrypted and stored in the SQL database
  10. Multilingual support
  11. full administration control
  12. Ability to update information from any Web browsers
  13. Also option to contribute and update content without any programming knowledge.

Download : http://www.spidercms.com/main/default.aspx