Mippin App Factory mobile apps builder

Mippin App Factory is a mobile application development tool that lets you create native mobile apps for any platform such as iPhone, Android & windows phone 7.

All Apps developed by App Factory are HTML 5 supported, So it is easily compatible with any phone.

All you need to do is create one application for mobile and App Factory to make a universal version of your apps that works on every platform.

With Mippin App Factory, Anyone can create beautiful mobile apps in minutes without having any coding knowledge.

The Mobile Apps builder especially know for his consistency and making sure your app works across every platform.

The highly customizable user interface gives you many options to personalize your App logo, Colors, etc.. along with your blog or websites.

Users can also create mobile Apps for their Twitter, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr, Facebook, Picasa, and YouTube accounts.

Features of Mippin App Factory

  1. Cross-platform mobile apps builder that allows content owners to build great-looking apps in minutes.
  2. Compatible with any blog, website, twitter page, Flickr stream, and YouTube channels.
  3. Automatically Update your content
  4. Support for Audio and Video functionality and Social media Sharing
  5. Create Native Apps for any platform such as iPhone, Android & WP7
  6. HTML 5 based application
  7. Easy to use and simple to understand
  8. No development skills required
  9. Distribute yourself with an install link or a QR code
  10. Support for all leading apps stores to submit your Apps such as Apple App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace for mobile, Amazon App store, and lot more.

Download: mippin App Factory