Mixpanel – Real time event tracking and analytics service

Mixpanel is an analytics service, which helps you to get what users look out for in your website. With this application, you do not need to track page views as to how many times the page is viewed by the users, rather, you look out at the users accessibility for the different web pages so that you get an idea of the web analytics and the analysis of your website popularity.

The Mixpanel service accesses the users’ lookout and studies the different website using patterns of the users. By doing this, you get the accurate information regarding your website accessibility and popularity among the people. This also helps you to develop your website features, which are more viewed or sought after by the users.

With different features to look out for, Mixpanel gives you adequate and accurate information regarding your website as well as the user’s viewer ship and accessibility in your website. You can send any data or information query you require to do this service and they will give you the information within sometime after a thorough study of the aspect. Apart from that, though, you need to sign in with an account to have the beneficial offers of this service.

Mixpanel gives you accurate data analytics for your benefit. With the advanced features to look out for, Mixpanel combines different applications to give you a graph as well as funnel segmented analysis data of the information you require. You also get information about the visitors to your site apart from the priority areas of the website, which they may be looking out for. Mixpanel also gives you a customer analysis displaying how much average the customers looked out your website for. They give feedback and detailed analysis report to you regarding any aspect you may want to learn about.

Features of Mixpanel

  1. Real time analysis: Mixpanel gives you an accurate and real based analysis within seconds. With its advanced technology it does not take up much of your time while performing the analysis and gives you real time data relating to your priority.
  2. Mobile analytics: you can use this application to even track out iPhone and Android applications without any hassle. With the different applications suitability to different formats, you can easily carry out this task.
  3. Programming language: the Mixpanel service can understand and decode any programming language. You can get them information in any programming language and it will decode and give you the information within minutes.
  4. Averages: you get graph averages in rolling sets as well as in other formats of data presentation.
  5. Email analytics: you also get email analytics of the different aspects of your website so that you get individual record and data of cash and every aspect of your information topic.
  6. Feature checklist: Mixpanel allows you to have access information regarding tracking of different servers and links by the service. Apart from that, you can use this service through phone applications and you also get funnel analytics and visitors data graph of the number of visitors accessing your website. You will have the information of all these features benefits provided to you by the website.

Download : Mixpanel