Mojo Helpdesk – web based ticket tracking / help desk application for organization

Mojo Helpdesk is a web based on demand ticket tracking and help desk application for organization that help you to track customer and tech support requests, or internal tasks within an organization. With Mojo Helpdesk, user and customer can easily submit their request via email into a help desk or directly from a web interface.

It’s an perfect application for customer support and internal task tracking where all requests whether internal or external are centralized into an easy-to-use web interface and then easily assigned to help desk agents for processing. all helpdesk massages sent to users are recorded in a discussion-like thread.

Features of Mojo Helpdesk

  1. It’s an web based application, so no need to install any other software to use Mojo Helpdesk.
  2. Easy ticket creation from web or email
  3. Automatic case routing base on ticket category
  4. Customer satisfaction ratings
  5. Ticket centralization and management
  6. web-based customer portal for users
  7. easy to assign requests to your staff
  8. Real time reporting
  9. Automations
  10. Service levels
  11. Powerful search
  12. Single Sign up
  13. API integration with SOAP and XML
  14. Help desk activity reporting
  15. Written in Ruby on Rails and Ajax
  16. Linux, Mysql and Apache supported Backend

Download : Mojo Helpdesk