MoonEdit – real-time collaborative (multi-user) text editor

MoonEdit is a real-time collaborative (multi-user) text editor which allow Multiple user to view and edit the same shared text document at the same time.

It support up to 14 user simultaneously and every user can modify documents at any time from any place without any restriction. All User can see other people’s cursor movements in real time as they make changes in documents. there is no need to send files via FTP or to compare documents when multiple users need to make changes to it independently. Each user writes text in their own color so you can easily find who wrote what.

It also included few bells & whistles, such as simulating the typing sound of a keyboard (so you know when someone else is making changes to the document), an in-line equation evaluator (so you don’t need to open a separate window for a calculator), and even a rudimentary music sequencer for collaborative multi-track music edit. Enter music score using simple text format, and play it using your own or built-in samples.

The editor is completely free for non-commercial use, If you want to use it in a commercial project or distribute it in some way other than through the internet, you need to take permission from the author.

Download : MoonEdit